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Meet the team

Tavis Dockwiller
Principal and Founder

As the founder, principal, and guiding influence of Viridian Landscape Studio™️, Tavis leads a team that works every day to make sure they leave more than they take – and have fun while they're doing it. Her belief in the essential and healing power of landscapes drives all of the firm's design projects and ecological master plans. A natural storyteller and gifted communicator, Tavis knows how to build consensus between diverse stakeholders and counsels clients on balancing long-term ecological resilience with memorable placemaking. Her work and ideas have helped reshape cities, transform college campuses, and improve lives for communities all over the country. Read More

Victor Trujillo
Project Manager

As a landscape designer and project manager, Victor advocates for vibrant public spaces that foster connection and nourish the human spirit. He works closely with clients to develop and implement creative, contextual, and responsible landscape solutions. His passion for place-making is evident in work on projects like the Fairleigh Dickinson University Pedestrian Bridge, the transformation of the FDU Campus into a sustainable Eco-Park, and the campus improvements at Rowan University, among other master plans, streetscape improvements, and landscapes for learning and playing. Read More


Eric Smokebush_b&w.jpg
Eric Sylvester
Landscape Designer

Eric believes that everyone should have access to beautiful landscapes that exist as part of the natural environment -- not an imposition on it. His work on design concepts and drawings helps clients make informed decisions by clearly communicating the impact and importance of the firm's restorative landscape strategies. Eric has prepared key presentations for a new pop-up at the Philadelphia Zoo, technical drawings for Rowan University's Stormwater Master Plan, and renderings to share the story behind the firm's work for the Philadelphia Water Department Field Operation Headquarters. Read More


Leah Grosso b&w.jpg
Leah Grosso
Landscape Designer

Leah is motivated by her passion for exploring nature and conviction that landscape design can be an engine for social equality. At Viridian, she finds inspiration in her coworkers' commitment to environmental stewardship and to empowering all voices in the communities they serve. Leah enjoys helping clients define their vision and learning from the impactful projects she has the opportunity to work on at Viridian, such as the Moore College of Design, the Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School, and the YMCA of the Pines campsite network.  Read More


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Viktoriya Aramyan
Office Manager

Detail-oriented with a love for learning new things, Viktoriya streamlines operations at Viridian and helps discover opportunities. As office manager, she provides essential support

to the firm's design team through the efficient coordination and effective organization of day-to-day operations. Her oversight keeps the office running smoothly, ensures accurate billing and scheduling, and helps maintain the strong client relationships central to Viridian's work creating beautiful, resilient, and equitable landscapes. Viktoriya brings more than ten years of experience in operations and customer service to Viridian. Read More


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