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Meet the team

Eric Smokebush_b&w.jpg
Eric Sylvester
Landscape Designer

Eric believes that everyone should have access to beautiful landscapes that exist as part of the natural environment -- not an imposition on it. His work on design concepts and drawings helps clients make informed decisions by clearly communicating the impact and importance of the firm's restorative landscape strategies. Eric has prepared key presentations for a new pop-up at the Philadelphia Zoo, technical drawings for Rowan University's Stormwater Master Plan, and renderings to share the story behind the firm's work for the Philadelphia Water Department Field Operation Headquarters.


Eric's projects are enriched by his expertise with design and graphic software as well as his varied hands-on experience, which ranges from crafting award-winning flower show exhibitions to his work in ground maintenance. His pragmatic understanding of how designed landscapes are created, how they evolve, and how they're maintained is vital to his work today. Outside the office, Eric strives to bring that same balance of poetry and precision to the kitchen as an avid home cook. You haven't lived until you've tried his carrot soufflé. 

Eric is a graduate of Temple University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.


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