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Meet the team

Leah Grosso b&w.jpg
Leah Grosso
Landscape Designer

Leah is motivated by her passion for exploring nature and conviction that landscape design can be an engine for social equality. At Viridian, she finds inspiration in her coworkers' commitment to environmental stewardship and to empowering all voices in the communities they serve. Leah enjoys helping clients define their vision and learning from the impactful projects she has the opportunity to work on at Viridian, such as the Moore College of Design, the Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School, and the YMCA of the Pines campsite network. 


In addition to her love of all things horticultural, Leah brings to Viridian her experience working in diverse environments around the world, from rainforest conservation in Mang'ula, Tanzania, to formal urban plaza design in Cologne, Germany, to inner-city community revitalization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As an urban garden designer with Graceful Gardens Design/Build in Philadelphia, she oversaw every aspect of residential projects, from concept to installation. When she's not working, Leah is likely preparing for her SITES AP, hiking or kayaking in a state park, or planning a trip to realize her goal of swimming on every continent. Three more to go!


Leah has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University.


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