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Washington Crossing Historic Park Master Plan

Viridian partnered with Marianna Thomas Architects and Toole Recreation Planning to develop the Master Plan for Washington Crossing Historic Park. This national treasure located in Pennsylvania had not undergone any large-scale planning since its inception in the 1940’s. Working with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), the team was tasked with understanding the park’s constituents, history and ecosystems to develop a 15-20 year action plan.

After extensive research and outreach, the team developed a plan which preserves core history, clarifies circulation minimizing the automobile, celebrates historic structures, designs welcoming places and provides special event space. The plan imbues the park with a vision to provide myriad, varied areas for play, learning and interpretation—a park for all the people. Perhaps most important to the process is the way in which the team helped the client to recognized and build partnership opportunities vital to the social, environmental and economic success of the park.

The Washington Crossing Historic Park Master Plan gives PHMC the tool it needs to preserve, interpret and enhance the park allowing it to evolve into an ever richer crown jewel of our national heritage.

This master plan won a Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia 2015 Grand Jury award. The award celebrates those involved from individuals, businesses and projects that exemplify outstanding achievement in the field of historic preservation in the Greater Philadelphia region.

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