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Viridian's Society Hill Master Plan Featured on

Viridian is honored to be entrusted with continuing Ed Bacon’s legacy by developing the 2017 Open Space Master Plan of the future for the historic Society Hill neighborhood in Philadelphia.

With their eyes on the future and hearts committed to historic preservation, the Society Hill Civic Association hired KSK Architects, Planners, Historians to produce a master plan with an emphasis on clearly defining the neighborhood’s assets and at-risk properties. As part of the planning effort, Viridian Landscape Studio™️ was brought on board to identify ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the vital open space network that defines the cultural and historic fabric of the neighborhood. The inventory details the community’s open space assets and care requirements so that the integrity of these spaces are protected and enhanced through current and future planning efforts.

As reported by WHYY's Plan Philly, Viridian's open space plan has been singled out for praise. The walkways are "absolutely wonderful to walk down," according to Rosanne Loesch, president of the civic association, which plans to form a new committee to oversee the maintenance of these unique urban spaces


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