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Lions Pride Park Warrington Township 1

At Lions Pride Park, A New Landmark Brings the Community Together

Developed in close partnership with the Lions Club, Warrington Township, and—most importantly—the children of Warrington, Lion's Pride Park is an inclusive recreation area designed for all ages and abilities.

A Community Park Shaped By the People of the Community

Built on the site of a former day camp whose decaying structures were a danger to the community, Lion's Pride Park supports the township's commitment to creating more beautiful and sustainable public spaces. Viridian's design is informed by extensive public engagement, including surveys, interviews, and multiple design workshops with stakeholders, staff, and kids from the neighborhood. This process was critical to identifying the community's main needs: more playgrounds, safe and accessible pathways, and opportunities to connect with nature closer to home. 

Lion's Pride Park

A new hill and pathways complement the existing mature trees to give the park and the community a new sense of place.

Lion's Pride Park

The ADA-accessible artificial hill connects to the treehouse-like play structure. 

Building A Mountain Everyone Can Scale

Viridian reimagined the flat park area with a 15-foot-high "mountain" that creates a sense of place where none previously existed. This new local landmark is blanketed in pollinator-friendly plants and unique play equipment, offering places to climb, slide, sled, balance, swing, and play. Multiple paths up and down invite exploration and discovery, including a fully accessible ADA-compliant trail so everyone can feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with scaling Kids Mountain. Two other accessible paths circle the park, guiding visitors through new wetland areas and rainwater basins. 

Across the playground, where five different types of swings accommodate kids of all abilities, a grove of trees offers a scenic spot for parties, picnics, and percussion that the whole family can enjoy. The Grove's kid-friendly instruments—tuned to pentatonic and diatonic scales—empower aspiring musicians to create beautiful symphonic landscapes no matter what note they play.

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Setting the Stage for a More Accessible and Resilient Future

Throughout the park, both plants and play features—including sandpits, climbing structures, and tactile ropeways for users with limited or no sight—were selected for their sensory engagement properties. This accessibility and inclusivity have earned Lion's Pride the support of Roseann C. Schaaf, Ph.D., director of the Jefferson Autism Center of Excellence at Thomas Jefferson University, who lauded the park's inclusive features and opportunities for development.

Moving forward, Viridian will continue to help Warrington improve its resilience with stormwater management and by transforming their grass fields into natural meadows —promoting biodiversity and improving life for all residents.

Lion's Pride Park

A smaller hill and treehouse offers space for younger children to safely climb, play, and explore.

Project News & Awards

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