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AFS Headwaters Playground Opening  (38).JPG

A cutting-edge outdoor classroom for the Abington Friends School

For the Headwaters Discovery Playground, Viridian Landscape Studio™️ transformed a traditional play yard into a nature-inspired free play zone and classroom built to meet the specific needs of Abington Friends students and educational program — teaching core subject lessons outdoors – from science and math to art and music.

Water, sand, and science.

the head of the AFS water shed, pumps, sluices, sand, rainwater, rocks, and plants all make for good messes and hydrological experiments. Here kids learn hands-on about water conservation. Physics gears are engaged with swing, pulley, and lever. This feature also cleverly disguises a service area

AFS Headwaters Playground Opening  (95).JPG

Fields and Fun

Open wide, grassy areas for large group games allow students to try on new social roles while playing tag, basketball, gaga, and even sledding. Quiet areas beneath new trees, and amid new vegetation offer respite from activity. 

Viridian worked with student and parent focus group’s input and a steering committee comprised of parents, faculty, and alumni. We coordinated with the other aspects of Abington Friends School’s larger outdoor learning environment, AFS Outside. AFS Outside will be as central to the school’s curriculum as indoor classrooms or labs.

Village, Cimb, and Lookout Hill

Kids can take the goat path or crawl up a boulder and scramble to reach the Climb. Carefully woven between existing trees, the Climb gives kids places to climb like squirrels, perch like birds, and swing like monkeys. They can get to grade with a fast, whoosh down a steep slide.

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AFS Headwaters Playground Opening  (79).JPG
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