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Planning for New Experiences

The Arbor Day Foundation's mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. This master plan creates new opportunities for more immersive visitor engagement focused on experiencing the Farm through three distinctive but interconnected lenses: ecological, historical, and social.


Ecologically, our strategy calls for cultivating a more resilient, native landscape to demonstrate best arboreal practices. Improved onsite interpretation deepens the educational component and connects visitors to the site's history. And these elements are all reinforced by meaningful new programming and a reimagined trail system that give visitors a reason to keep coming back. 

Arbor Day Farm Master Plan

The Arbor Day Farm Master Plan identifies three unique service zones: the Historical Core, Cultural Core, and Woodland Reserve. Each zone has specific instructions for cultivation, programming, and interpretation.

ADF Master Plan Report - Final-sm-1 copy
ADF Master Plan Report - Final-sm-1 copy page E74.png

Stormwater basins and raingardens are seamlessly integrated into the farm's programming and circulation.

Ecological Placemaking for a Sustainable Future

Arbor Day Farm is unlike anywhere else in Nebraska, created in the late 19th century as a tree farm to build some of the state's first settlements. We're protecting this unique historical landscape with a strategy that integrates pedestrian and vehicular movement and stormwater management with the site's natural ecology.


This approach supports the farm's needs today while planning for tomorrow by considering the future use of the property, the development of surrounding farmlands, and our changing climate. It will also create new habitats for local wildlife and attract more pollinators that will benefit the orchards — a significant source of revenue for the farm.

A Secured Legacy and Renewed Purpose

Viridian's master plan for Arbor Day Farm reconsiders the property's hotel and orchard as a holistic ecological and economic system — leveraging the historical landscape as a revenue generator and social hub. It establishes a framework for deeper visitor engagement, improved accessibility for visitors of all ages and abilities, and year-round activities including new dining and entertainment options.


This programming is designed to attract diverse groups and form productive partnerships with local organizations that will strengthen the return on their investment and help ensure the future of Arbor Day Farm.

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New and updated programming turns the farm into a holistic ecosystem of experiences and environments.

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