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Cathedral of Hope 
East Liberty Development Inc. (ELDI) Penn Avenue Commercial Corridor

Since 2008, Viridian Landscape Studio™️ , in collaboration with CH2MHill Engineers, has worked with East Liberty Development Inc. (ELDI) in Pittsburgh to reimagine the Penn Avenue Commercial Corridor. Green infrastructure projects are geared to stimulate economic revitalization and mitigate stormwater in new and transformative ways. With the East Liberty Presbyterian Church “Cathedral of Hope” and ELDI, Viridian developed a vision to transform the church front lawn into an extended venue for gathering and learning, as well as to serve as a living part of the local stormwater management system, reducing combined sewer overflow and reintroducing diverse habitats into Pittsburgh.

The design uses native vegetation, bioinfiltration beds, and salvaged local materials to create lush gardens and encourage visitors, citizens, and church members to experience the value and aesthetic of restorative landscapes. By providing opportunities for direct visual and physical connection to stormwater and natural habitat, the plaza and streetscape inspire an appreciation for urban forestry, expand the community’s collective understanding of stormwater issues and alternative solutions, and instill a desire for habitat restoration while serving as a vibrant community hub.

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